PelletBeds are a range of safe & easy pellet bedding made from natural British Straw & Miscanthus. Our pellet bedding offers up to 2x the absorbency of wood pellets & as it is made for animal bedding from fibres(not sawdust, as in wood pellets); it contains atleast 20% less fine dust than even shavings.

before and after of pellet bedsPelletBeds offer anti-bacterial protection being treated with Protek Envirocair. Envirocair Veterinary concentrate is a DEFRA approved, safe, long acting anti-bacterial treatment proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria, spores & moulds. Protek Protection


PelletBeds are the most absorbent pellet bedding available, offering up to 2x the absorbency of wood pellets whilst containing 20% dust than wood shavings.

PelletBeds Absorbency


pellet bed logos how to use equine pellet beds BENEFITS FOR EQUINE

  • 100% natural straw & miscanthus: soft, springy & comfortable
  • ultra absorbent 6mm pellets: up to 570% ~ 2x wood pellets
  • antibacterial: heated to ~100c, then Protek treated (optional)
  • low dust: made for bedding from fibres - not for fuel from dust
  • easy: no watering required, softer pellet with high porosity
  • safe: no harmful toxins, allergens or fungi, see Toxicity of Pine
  • less waste: composts 90% faster than wood & safer for soil
  • less odour: absorbed & neutralised quickly
  • hoof friendly: non-slip & non-heating; great for laminitics
  • cost effective: long lasting(1 bag/week) & quick to maintain
  • simple: can be used with other bedding; matting not required
  • sustainable: straw regrows every year! - wood takes 30 years+
  • fast delivery: directly from our own UK factory(7.5t tail-lifts)

Swab test results below show how effective our Protek anti-bacteria treatment is at controlling bacteria & stopping infections. Protek is fully approved for competition horses and Protek EnviroCair Veterinary Concentrate is DEFRA approved. We also offer untreated pellets if preferred. (Samples taken from active stables after 21 days)

Test results

We support British farming, sourcing our straw & miscanthus from local farmers, then process it into our unique bedding pellets. We do not sell fuel pellets or imported pellets, which can be dusty and may contain additives that are harmful to animals.


PelletBeds are available in 15kg reusable plastic bags, which can be opened easily & safely without requiring a knife. We can also supply economic & eco-friendly 1000kg bulk bags.


We deliver using small 7.5t tail-lift trucks, allowing access into difficult locations & can offer timed deliveries aswell as a small bag off loading service for an additional charge. All our pallets include a reuseable full length pallet hood to give the bags extra protection from the weather.

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Agripellets Ltd, our parent company, manufacture 6mm biomass fuel pellets made from sustainable british straw & miscanthus,

1000kg pallets from £239.82 inc. vat & delivery.
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