Brand Ambassador – Abbey Clarke

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Brand Ambassador - Abbey Clarke - Pelletbeds - The Straw and Miscanthus Pellet Bedding Specialists. Premium pellet bedding and litter for horses, chickens, cattle, pigs and small pets

Abbey is an 18 year old showjumper from Kent, who competes her 15.1hh 8 year old Connemara Shadow.

She has been riding since the age of 5 and has been horse obsessed ever since!

Her plans for the upcoming season are to be competing confidently in British Novice classes and hopefully Discovery, before September when Abbey and Shadow start their new journey at University together.

Abbey will be studying Equine sports science and rehabilitation. Shadow is extremely messy in the stable and PelletBeds have helped massively by keeping her stable as clean as possible. They save so much time mucking out, as well as being cost effective. She says she would never go back to any bedding other than PelletBeds!

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