Brand Ambassador – Leah Pezzato

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Leah and Tommy are keen eventers based in Kent in South East of England.

Leah’s love of horses goes back to when she was a child, with her mum being a qualified instructor it is said Leah could ride before she walked! Working her way up from Shetland ponies to 17hh sports horses, Leah has always felt extremely lucky to have had such an equestrian lifestyle from childhood and wouldn’t be half the rider she is now if it wasn’t for it.

Leah’s horse Tommy is a 17hh Friesian cross hunter who is affiliated in dressage and showjumping however, Tommy also excels in cross country and recently placed in hunter trials. To date Leah and Tommy’s biggest achievement is competing at a national dressage competition after becoming regional champion a few years ago. This year the duo is aiming to affiliate British Eventing and represent the military or police force. Additionally, Leah would like to try dressage to music with Tommy.

Tommy is a particularly dirty and wet horse who has previously been managed on shavings. Not wanting to change off shavings completely, Leah considered if there was a way to increase the absorbency of shavings and now uses a mixture of PelletBeds EquinePro and shavings.
The addition of EquinePro has made a noticeable change to how much wet bedding is removed and provides Tommy the ultimate big, fluffy bed which is extremely inviting for Tommy to snooze on.
Leah highly recommends PelletBeds because it is sustainable and environmentally friendly due to the zero plastic returnable bag scheme.

This has helped Leah save money on bedding cost, spend less time mucking out and provide Tommy a non-dusty bed fit for a king!

Leah and Tommy will be busy out competing this year with hunter trials and one day event already booked.


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