We are very pleased to announce our New Sponsorship Partnership with Event Rider Ella Bubb. Over the next 12 months we will be supporting Ella by providing her with our unique Straw Pellet Bedding!

Ella has joined us at an exciting time in the growth of our business as we further strengthen the sustainably of our straw pellet bedding, being the first company to introduce reusable bags, which can be returned for FREE to receive a credit on you next order!!


PelletBeds are now processing NEW season British Straw into our Equine Max Straw Pellets which are 100% natural with NO additives.
PelletBeds are still the only soft pellet bedding made specifically for horses, with straw particle sizes approx. 7x larger than competing wood and straw ‘fuel’ pellets; resulting in minimal dust levels.

PLASTIC FREE BEDDING FOR HORSES this winter with PelletBeds.

Pelletbeds is exited to introduce a new plastic free bedding option for horses.  We now use recyclable and reusable  plastic bags that can be returned free of charge to minimise your plastic waste and carbon footprint.

1. Order our 20kg(12, 24, 37 0r 49 bags) 500, 750 or 1000 kg bulk bags.
2. Return used bag/s in prepaid collection bag.
3. Get 10p credit per 20kg bag (returning 49 bags in prepaid collection bag) or up to £5.00 credit (on bulk bags) of your next purchase.

1000 kg from £265+v with FREE delivery to most of GB


We have been trialing Equine Max straw pellet bedding supplied by PelletBeds (www.pelletbeds.com) for just over a week and are very impressed with the quality of the bed that it produces, and the economics!

For the past year or so I have been using wood pellet bedding and liked it very much. However, the wood pellets are very firm and need to be reconstituted with water before laying the bed.I have also found that the wood pellets discolour very quickly, so I was interested to try this new product.

The straw pellets are much softer than the wood pellets and can be laid directly into the established bed, making a much quicker job. They start off a darker colour, but seem not to get much darker and the bed looks much fresher. They are more absorbent that the wood pellets and even Simon (who seems to want to create a water hazard in his box every night) has a dry bed. I use more pellets for Simon that for each of the others but I seem to use an average of around 3.5 – 4kgs per box per day. This means that the 1000kg bulk bags will last me about 35 days – I shall know exactly how long they last in a few weeks. At a cost of £300 this means that I am bedding down seven boxes for about £8.50p a day (about £1.20 a box). If I were using shavings the cost would be around £13 a day for seven boxes.

The 1000kg bulk bags are rather large due to the soft nature of the product which makes it bulkier than wood pellets, but a 750kg bulk bag is available and, I am told, a 500kg bulk bag could be available if there is sufficient demand.

PelletBeds will ensure pre Christmas delivery on all orders placed before Friday 15th December, but will still endeavour to deliver orders place up to Monday 18th. Our last delivery day will be Friday 22nd.

We will be closed from 4.30pm on Friday 22nd until 8.00am on 2nd January and will recommence deliveries from Friday 5th.


We would like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



Join us at this award-winning event and experience the dedicated equestrian event at the heart of the Westcountry, this weekend 2nd – 3rd December 2017.

We will be at Stand 200.  Come along and say hello!  We will be running competition where the lucky winner will win free bedding for a year!!!

About The West Country Equine Fair

With its indoor and outdoor arenas and dedicated shopping village, the event is the perfect place to indulge in all things equestrian. Safe from the wintery weather you will be able to enjoy the fascinating arena demonstrations, over 150 equestrian retailers, spread throughout the main hall and annex, and the thousands of products and gifts to see, touch and buy. This event is an amazing equestrian shopping experience with good quality and plenty of show offers!

PelletBeds are at Your Horse Live (stand 350) this w/e 11th & 12th November. Please come along and see the most absorbent pellet bedding available, offering up to 2x the absorbency of wood pellets whilst containing 20% less dust than wood shavings.



  • 100% natural straw & miscanthus: soft, springy & comfortable
  • ultra absorbent 6mm pellets: up to 570% ~ 2x wood pellets
  • antibacterial: heated to ~100c, then Protek treated (optional)
  • low dust: made for bedding from fibres – not for fuel from dust
  • easy: no watering required, softer pellet with high porosity
  • safe: no harmful toxins, allergens or fungi, see Toxicity of Pine
  • less waste: composts 90% faster than wood & safer for soil
  • less odour: absorbed & neutralised quickly
  • hoof friendly: non-slip & non-heating; great for laminitics
  • cost effective: long lasting(1 bag/week) & quick to maintain
  • simple: can be used with other bedding; matting not required
  • sustainable: straw regrows every year! – wood takes 30 years+
  • fast delivery: directly from our own UK factory(7.5t tail-lifts)

PelletBeds are the only equine bedding to receive a Defra approved antibacterial treatment. ‘Protek’ is fully approved for competition horses.


We support British farming, sourcing our straw & miscanthus from local farmers, then process it into our unique bedding pellets. We do not sell fuel pellets or imported pellets, which can be dusty and may contain additives that are harmful to animals.