PLASTIC FREE BEDDING FOR HORSES this winter with PelletBeds.

Pelletbeds is exited to introduce a new plastic free bedding option for horses.  We now use recyclable and reusable  plastic bags that can be returned free of charge to minimise your plastic waste and carbon footprint.

1. Order our 15kg(16, 32, 48 0r 65 bags) 500, 750 or 1000 kg bulk bags.
2. Return used bag/s in prepaid collection bag.
3. Get 10p credit per 15kg bag (returning 60+ bags in prepaid collection bag) or up to £5.00 credit (on bulk bags) of your next purchase.

1000 kg from £265+v with FREE delivery to most of GB


  • coolcoopers

    Hey David, this is a truly wonderful ethical development.

    You may or may not be unique in this sector, I wouldn’t know, but I’ve certainly not heard of any other suppliers doing this.

    So, what about posting a blog with a short video “How To” showing how easy each step is (easy to avoid damaging the bag) with a quick summary of why this really will make a difference – for example, how many tons of carbon will this save in your business if we all join in?Putting that with your homepage promotion would enhance acceptance of this brilliant development and no-doubt encourage new customers to use the best products on the market in this sector!

    I’ve mentioned this recycling to a couple of mates who, like me, open dozens of stitched paper and plastic bags of each month and they both said something like, “Can’t see how that’ll work….”

    So, yes, what about a video?

    • David Thompson

      Thank Charles – that’s a great idea – I will get a video made and do some figures on the potential carbon savings

      I understand your mates’ concerns – but we have tested it with our local customers, we delivered to during the summer and provided the coloured thread is removed without damaging the bag (simply use scissors to cut at one end – then pull off) we can reuse the bag.
      When the bag is full, they have to email us, attach the label we email back and then drop the Parcelforce envelope at a post-office – but so far, its working ok…

      I know of one other company that has copied our idea, but their plastic bags are non-reusable… they are just taking back the plastic and disposing of it, while we hope to be able to reuse the bag at least 10 times – then recycle the exhausted bags.
      We are also offering a small 10p per bag incentive….so it’s a little money and encouragement, especially for kids

      Thanks again for the recommendation



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