StrawCrumb – the NEW crumbled straw pellet poultry bedding from pelletbeds

StrawCrumb made from crumbled straw pellets is our New poultry bedding. It offers a very cost effective bedding solution with the soft, dense, straw granules (~5x wood shavings) providing better surface coverage and thermal insulation for small chicks.

As the birds grow its super absorbency (2x wood shavings) keeps the bed dry and friable reducing capping; hock burn and pododermatitis.

It will also lock away ammonia and odour providing a much healthier environment in the sheds.

StrawCrumb has a neutral pH and is heat treated in production resulting in a low microbiological load

It is sustainable and biodegradable with the resulting straw based litter having a higher nutrient concentration and a more acceptable feedstock for anaerobic digestion.

We manufacture all our own products in the Midlands and can provide StrawCrumb in bulk loads – tipper, walking floor or blown as well as  bulk and small bag pallets.

Please call us on 01789 761333 or email

Key Benefits of  StrawCrumb

  • soft, insulating, expanding crumb
  • 2x more absorbent than wood shavings
  • cost effective – crumb increases surface coverage & insulation
  • reduces capping, hock burn & pododermatitis
  • less ammonia & odour
  • heat treated, low dust granules
  • biodegradable & sustainable
  • increased fertiliser nutrients