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“This bedding has been a real-life game changer on our yard, it has reduced the amount of waste going onto the muck heap, worked out extremely cost effective and mucking out is done in a fraction of the time. The horses love their big comfy beds in winter and enjoy a rest during the day in summer. I cannot recommend PelletBeds enough 100% satisfied”

Olivia, Gloucestershire

“I have been using PelletBeds since mid-January, I have had a variety of horses bedded on them, from clean mares to very disgusting geldings. I found they worked well for both kinds of horses, you can do full muck out every day or deep bed and they work well either way. You don’t need to add bags every week which works out cost effective as for shavings you would have to add at least one bag a week. My horses do not have any dust or bedding allergies but I am allergic to severe amounts of dust and hay fever and I have always struggled breaking up shaving bales, but I don’t have a problem at all with PelletBeds. I would definitely recommend giving them a go as they are cost effective and great for the environment too, you can also gain money back for sending the bedding bags back!”

Charlotte, Lincolnshire

“This bedding is fantastic, super absorbent and quick to muck out. We have 1 pony who is very messy and it is so much quicker to muck out, the other pony is very wet, but the pellets are so absorbent just topping up with 1 bag a week keeps a lovely bed. Thank you also for a fantastic service and great communication”

Sarah, Suffolk

“We simply love this bedding and wouldn’t go back to anything else.”

Jessica, Nottinghamshire

“I think this bedding is the way forward, it really protects the horse from the floor and provides a good solid bed.”

Guido, Lincolnshire

“I have immediately fallen in love with the bedding, my horse is so much cleaner on it and I don’t go home smelling of ammonia after mucking out!”

Georgia, Derbyshire

“The best decision we made to change over to Pellet Beds a few years back. Super easy to muck out and halved the time it takes us to muck out so we can spend more time with the horses. My horses are less messy on the pellets, they are also environmentally friendly and come in bags which you can post back to be reused! They have also saved us money! 100% recommend. The PelletBeds team are super friendly and helpful!”

Emily, Devon

"I would recomend PelletBeds to everybody - try them & you won't return to shavings or straw."

Emma Belling

the best pellet bedding on the market

Julie Jones

"Having tried virtually every bedding on the market over the past four years, I have definitely come down on the side of straw pellets, yours in particular!"

A Blake
E Sussex